Annual Horse Racing Events at Derby

The game of Derby is referred to the annual horse racing of three year old horses. This sport is considered one of the most decorated with high cash flow that attracts all the big names in the business. The annual races take place around the world across several continents with each having its own specialty.

The term derby was first used after the 12th Earl of Derby, Edward Smith-Stanley. Although the rules are confined to races where only 3 year old horses are allowed to race but some places also encourage the racing of 4 year olds. The derbies are conducted around the year with high stake prices that are given out to the winners. Rich personalities are seen at the derby grounds that include celebrities from all fields. The sport is more of an enjoyment where betting takes place which is considered as an expensive hobby.

The derby horses are well bred and well fed with each having their own jockeys and associated trainers. Worldwide there are various stud farms owned by industrialists and business tycoons who invest in the fancy sport. A huge amount of money is put up on bets which is a legal scenario is most countries. The advent of betting makes the game far more interesting and celebrated.

One can follow several websites and books to learn the various tricks and points that are related to a successful gaming stint. One can also be part of various parties and shows that are held post derbies that uplifts the elegance of it. The sport is high in glam quotient and can only be followed by people over the age of 18.

The top most derbies in the world include the American Derby, Bangalore Derby, Australian Derby, Victoria Derby and the Indian Derby. Apart from these there are several other derbies that can be followed online and also viewed on television.

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