How to excel in derby?

One requires utmost dedication and intense hard work to become a successful jockey. It is considered an immense factor of pride if one gets to ride in the prestigious derbies around the world. They are a lot of training facilities available that one can get enlisted to start with the basics.

A jockey has to be very light weight and slender physically so that the horse does not slow down due his weight. Also what matters is the sitting technique of the rider. Young horses are prone to dismantle the rider if their back is uncomfortable from the saddle. A horse also has its trainer who deals with the physical maintenance of the horse and also provides valuable tips to the jockey. Huge pressure is created on the eve of any race that can lead to anxiety and dilemma to the minds of the rider. This sport is considered as a highly volatile event with a lot of money and pride spilling around it. Therefore on the race day it is just the jockey who is responsible for all the odds, for or against him.

To become a good jockey one should start with the basics from a very early age. Horse racing is a rich sport and the riders often get carried away with quick success. Keeping the self-esteem grounded is also a very important factor here. Also this sport has its own share of risks as it is often seen or heard about the various riding mishaps. Therefore the jockeys are trained to deal with injury, from mind and body and not to get discouraged easily. Winning and losing is a part of the game and a good jockey can be termed as a person with a strong moral with a confident attitude who can steal the show on his given day.

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