Tradition behind the royal game of Derby

The royal game of horse racing all around the world is a highly fascinating and popular sport. Derby is referred to as the annual race that comprises of 3 year old horses that race for pride and grace. Horse racing is considered as one of the richest sports that involve big shot individuals from all spheres of life and profession. The term derby originated firstly in the provinces of United Kingdom in the early 18th century. Horses have always been associated with power and symbolized superiority.

All over the world there are several race tracks built to encourage the sport. There are annual derbies as well as Sunday derbies that attract a lot of audience globally. The world of horses is amidst rich cash flow giving it a very decorative and flashy outlook. Celebrities from movies to fashion to other related sports are seen participating in the audiences. The glamour quotient is also a very significant feature of derbies.

Stud Farms, Trainers & Jockeys

The participating horses are bred and trained in the privately owned stud farms. Each horse gets a name and is trained who is the master of the horse. On race day the horse is undertaken by the jockey who rides it to glory. Every horse has their own jockey who rides it on the derby day. A jockey is like the life of the horse who takes to the reigns guiding it to victory. Though there is only a single winner but what matters more is the act of participation. A horse is fully maintained by its farm which is normally owned by a private body. Horse owner are mostly rich industrialists or business tycoons who seek immense pride in having their names attached to their horses.

High inflow of money

The sport of horse racing is mostly driven by money. High stakes of sponsors and winners prize money are given out. A derby day is considered like a grand carnival under the open skies with a lot of entertainment factors. Pre-derby parties and post race parties are a common act of rejoicing and sharing the sportsmanship spirit. The game is practiced by the high society people who take this as a medium of sport and frolic to showcase their royalty and status. Just like you would go to an expert SEO firm like for expert services, similarly the jockeys train under professional trainers before going for a race.

Acts of Betting

One of the biggest draws of the derby sport is the act of betting. Audiences are given the authority of gambling on their favorite horses through legalized bookies that are present in the race field. The bookies are a medium of putting through the bets that the people enjoy out of addiction of entertainment. People are seen betting in lakhs and crores only to gain some or lose everything. Horses are tagged with the odds which refer to the chances of their winning and the bets are placed accordingly. The events of betting in horse races are so intense that even online betting are in the options nowadays. The many great derbies in the world include the English Derby, the Grand National, Dubai Derby, Mumbai Derby, Breeders Cup Classic and the Melbourne Cup.

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